Requires larger jurisdictions to streamline permits for residential photovoltaic solar energy systems.

California Building Standards Law spot bill.

Requires local jurisdictions to adopt safety standards for code enforcement officers.

Requires the State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission to identify and implement programs to promote existing and new building decarbonization.

Requires a city or county (including chartered) to amend the appropriate elements of its general plan to include goals, policies, objectives, targets, and feasible implementation strategies to decarbonize newly-constructed residential and commercial buildings.

Spot bill on earthquake building standards.

Spot bill related to housing health & safety standards in the State Housing Law.

Home hardening spot bill.

Requires the Dept. of Aging to include ADUs in its aging-in-place materials, upon appropriation.

Revises procedures for establishing functional recovery standards following an earthquake; authorizes local jurisdictions to enact more restrictive recovery standards.