Makes numerous changes to enforcement procedures of the Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

Would place the repeal of Article 34 on a future ballot.

Permits the establishment of an intergenerational housing development that includes senior citizens along with caregivers and transition age youths, under specified conditions.

Allows local governments to give preference in state or local affordable housing programs to local lower-income households at risk of displacement.

Adds “political affiliation” as a protected class for housing and employment under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act.

Establishes a state Office of Racial Equity to recommend strategies for advancing racial equity across state agencies; requires each agency to develop and implement a Racial Equity Plan.

Spot bill on restrictive covenants in old deeds.

Requires a title insurance company involved in any transfer of real property that provides a copy of a deed or other written instrument relating to title to real property, to identify whether any of the documents contain an unlawfully restrictive covenant, and if identified, requires the title insurance company to record a modification document; makes other changes to facilitate recording of modification documents.

Makes changes to AB 686 related to the AFFH analysis in Housing Element law.

Requests that UCLA do a study and recommend standards for recovery residences, also known as sober living homes.