Requires the Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council to perform a statewide needs and gaps analysis related to homelessness.

Allows counties to develop training for personnel making involuntary commitments; previous version mandated the training.

Expands the definition of “gravely disabled” to add a condition in which a person is unable to provide for their own medical treatment as a result of a mental health disorder; requires institutions to develop discharge plans.

Expresses intent to continue state support for local homelessness efforts; previous version made Project Roomkey for homeless persons with Covid permanent.

Requires cities and counties to provide temporary shelter to people experiencing homelessness.

Renames the state homeless council as the California Interagency Council on Homelessness and revises its membership.

Requires the reporting of specified information, including health data, to the state Homeless Management Information System by various grantees.

Adds housing status as a prohibited form of discrimination under CalFEHA; prohibits background checks from including information on crimes and violations associated with homelessness.

Requires local governments and state agencies to inventory and map public restrooms.

Requires the state Homeless Council to develop an action plan.