Allows members of HOAs to receive association documents by email.

Prohibits an insurer from canceling or refusing to renew a policy of residential (or other) property insurance based solely on the fact that the insured property is located in a high-risk wildfire area.

Requires residential property insurance to include a discount if the local jurisdiction where the property is located funds a local wildfire protection or mitigation program.

Creates a task force chaired by the CalHFA director to make recommendations on removing policy and regulatory barriers to homeownership.

Requires SGC to treat rental and ownership housing equally in the AHSC program.

Modifies financial fiduciary requirements for HOA boards and agents.

Enacts the Home Inspectors License Act.

Authorizes the state Commissioner of Financial Protection order a PACE solicitor to pay ancillary relief, including damages and restitution, for violations of the law.

Allows HOAs of any size to elect board members by acclamation if they number of candidates does not exceed the number of vacancies.

Prohibits state and local housing and incentive programs from excluding homeownership opportunities for low-income households.