Allows creation of ADUs in non-living spaces of multifamily or mixed-use buildings.

Authorizes a city or county to satisfy part of its requirement to identify zones suitable for residential development by adopting and implementing a multijurisdictional regional agreement, which would specify the jurisdiction that is contributing suitable land for residential development and the jurisdiction or jurisdictions that are contributing funding for that development.

Makes changes to Density Bonus Law requirements related to for-sale units to ensure ongoing affordability and occupancy by lower- or moderate-income households.

Spot bill on environmental justice.

Allows in applicant for an ADU to request alternative rear and side yard setbacks based on topographical conditions if the existing local setback requirements would make an ADU infeasible.

Requires a local planning agency include in its annual report whether the city or county is a party to a court action related to a violation of state housing law, and the disposition of that action.

Makes hotel and motel conversions to housing a use by right if the project includes 10% affordable units; a locality may impose a larger set-aside..

Places several restrictions on housing impact requirements.

Revises requirements for audits under the the Mitigation Fee Act.

Applies the same judicial action procedure and timelines, as in the Mitigation Fee Act, to water or sewer service fees or charges, with exceptions.