Expands application of the California Safe Drinking Water Act to small state water systems; allows to SWRCB to adopt emergency regulations regarding water analysis.

Requires the State Water Resources Control Board to begin operating the Low-Income Water Rate Assistance Program, subject to appropriation.

Requires a community water system to remove or replace a complete lead user service line, if the community water system disturbs, removes, or replaces a portion of the line.

Establishes several processes to address drought planning for small water systems.

Authorizes the State Water Resources Control Board to order consolidations of water system that fail to supply an adequate amount of safe drinking water; requires the Board to conduct outreach to customers of at-risk water systems.

Requires the SWRCB to establish, maintain, and direct an ongoing, dedicated program called the Constituents of Emerging Concern Program to assess recommend areas for further study on CECs in drinking water sources and treated drinking water.

SWRCB spot bill.

Places a $5B bond issue on the November 2022 ballot to finance projects for a wildfire prevention, safe drinking water, drought preparation, and flood protection program.

Removes the ability of a water district that provides primarily agricultural services with only incidental residential uses to self-certify that it is providing water for residential use for drinking water that achieves the equivalent level of public health protection provided by applicable primary drinking water regulations.

Puts a $7B bond measure on the June 2022 ballot, for various purposes including safe drinking water, wildfire prevention, drought preparation, and flood protection.