Would place the repeal of Article 34 on a future ballot.

Prohibits state and local housing and incentive programs from excluding homeownership opportunities for low-income households.

Makes hotel and motel conversions to housing a use by right if the project includes an unspecified number of affordable units.

Creates a state CDFI fund to provide grants and loans to CDFIs for a variety of activities in low-income communities.

Authorizes a defendant in an unlawful detainer action to file a motion to strike on or before the day fixed for the defendant’s appearance; authorizes a party in an unlawful detainer action to file a motion for summary adjudication in the same manner as a motion for summary judgment.

Creates the Housing Acquisition and Rehabilitation Technical Assistance program at HCD.

Re-do of last year’s SB 1385. Makes a number of modifications to Density Bonus law, including adding one concession for student housing projects and allowing the use of the moderate-income density bonus in all for-sale developments rather than just in common-interest developments.

Places a $5B bond issue on the November 2022 ballot to finance projects for a wildfire prevention, safe drinking water, drought preparation, and flood protection program.

Establishes new processes and procedures for the disposal of Caltrans-owned homes along the former 710 freeway extension in the City of Los Angeles.

Provides evictions protections for COVID-impacted residents in mobilehome parks during the pandemic.