Requires cities to create and maintain a rental registry by 2021 covering all landlords who own or operate five or more units.

Spot bill on the Ellis Act.

Creates the Affordable Disaster Housing Revolving Development and Acquisition Program to provide funding to CDFIs to fund affordable housing production, preservation, and rehabilitation in the wake of natural disasters.

Transfers all land use related plans and functions of the former City of Los Angeles redevelopment agency to the City of Los Angeles and makes related changes.

Creates a tax credit for property owners renting to tenants receiving housing assistance.

Requires cities and counties to follow up on complaints from tenants about substandard buildings and potential lead hazards.

Spot bill related to residential development impact fees.

Spot bill related to housing elements.

Requires the creation of a statewide plan for addressing homelessness and allows for legal action against jurisdictions who do not make progress towards meeting the plan’s goals.

Spot bill related to residential development impact fees.