Prohbits park management from renting or sublieashing a mobilhome if the park rules prohibit renting or subleasing.

Spot bill related to the PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) progrm.

Requires cities to allow cohousing projects in areas zoned for multifamily residential.

Makes recorded covenants, conditions, restrictions, or limits on the use of land that restrict the number or size of the residences that may be built on a property, or that restrict the number of people may reside on the property, unenforceable against the owner of an affordable housing development.

Spot bill related to building standards.

Requires the Office of the Treasurer to work with CalHFA and HCD to create a financing product to assist homeowners in the creation of ADUs.

Requires HCD’s annual report to include an evaluation of the Homeless Housing, Assistance, and Prevention (HHAP) program.

Provides for ongoing funding and additional programs to help transitional-age foster youth to avoid homelessness.

Requires TCAC, HCD, CalHFA, and CDLAC to complete an affordable housing cost study by 2028.

Requires HCD to develop an annual summary report by March 15 every year that discloses the amount of state, federal, and private funding spent on the development of affordable housing within the state, each city, and each county in the preceding calendar year