Would place the repeal of Article 34 on a future ballot.

Prohibits state and local housing and incentive programs from excluding homeownership opportunities for low-income households.

Makes hotel and motel conversions to housing a use by right if the project includes an unspecified number of affordable units.

Creates a state CDFI fund to provide grants and loans to CDFIs for a variety of activities in low-income communities.

Creates the Housing Acquisition and Rehabilitation Technical Assistance program at HCD.

Puts a $6.7B bond measure on the 2022 ballot, for various purposes including safe drinking water, wildfire prevention, drought preparation, and flood protection.

HCD to complete any rezones for jurisidctions in the SCAG region that fail to complete their rezone program within one year of the statutory deadline for completing the rezone program.

Re-run of SB 902 from last year to allow local governments to rezone a parcel by right to allow up to 10 units on the parcel in infill or jobs-rich areas.

Spot bill on a statewide program for eviction defense.