Re-do of last year’s SB 1385. Makes a number of modifications to Density Bonus law, including adding one concession for student housing projects and allowing the use of the moderate-income density bonus in all for-sale developments rather than just in common-interest developments.

Spot bill in Density Bonus Law (probably something around moderate-income units again).

Spot bill in Density Bonus law.

Prohibits affordable housing impact fees, including inclusionary zoning fees, in-lieu fees, and public benefit fees, from being imposed on a housing development’s affordable units or density bonus units.

Provides the local governments may require affordability covenants of 55 years or more on rental density bonus units; allows covenants of greater than 55 years on projects subject to specified other laws.

Drinking water: consolidation and extension of service: domestic wells.

Homeless integrated data warehouse.

Homeless multidisciplinary personnel teams.

Housing Omnibus.

Housing Omnibus.