Housing California


Makes hotel and motel conversions to housing a use by right if the project includes an unspecified number of affordable units.

Creates the Housing Acquisition and Rehabilitation Technical Assistance program at HCD.

HCD to complete any rezones for jurisidctions in the SCAG region that fail to complete their rezone program within one year of the statutory deadline for completing the rezone program.

Prohibits cities and counties from imposing parking minimum withing 1/2 mile of transit or in a low VMT area as determined by OPR.

Requires SGC to treat rental and ownership housing equally in the AHSC program.

Requires HCD to create a model plan for the use of alternative forms of developing affordable housing for the purpose of substantially reducing the cost of a unit, including adaptive reuse of existing buildings, modular housing, and cross-subsidization that results in at least 50 percent of all units being affordable to persons who are extremely low and very low income.

Authorizes Caltrans to sell its excess property to cities and counties for affordable housing and exempts these transfers from CEQA.

Makes residential uses with at least 20% lower-income units an allowable use in commercial zones. Was AB 3107 last year.

AB 1375 Bloom