Would place the repeal of Article 34 on a future ballot.

General plan spot bill.

Triggers reassessment under Prop 13 if if 90% or more of the direct or indirect ownership interests in a legal entity are sold or transferred in a single transaction.

Appropriates $750,000 to cover 100 percent of the local cost share for the Lake Elsinore Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Project

Allows the Insurance Commissioner to approve investments by insurers in low- and moderate income and underserved communities under the California Organized Investment Network (COIN) program above the statutory limits.

Spot bill related to the Surplus Lands Act.

Prohibits state and local housing and incentive programs from excluding homeownership opportunities for low-income households.

Creates a grant program at HCD to fund broadband, digital literacy, and computer equipment in affordable housing.

Allows in applicant for an ADU to request alternative rear and side yard setbacks based on topographical conditions if the existing local setback requirements would make an ADU infeasible.

Spot bill related to zoning.