Deems a loan agreement entered into between a redevelopment agency and the City of Atascadero between 1999 and 2003 to be enforceable obligations for the purposes of redevelopment dissolution.

Makes changes to housing element annual report requirements.

Prohibits cities and counties from imposing certain minimum lot size standards.

Creates the Housing Acquisition and Rehabilitation Technical Assistance program at HCD.

Requires the SWRCB to establish, maintain, and direct an ongoing, dedicated program called the Constituents of Emerging Concern Program to assess recommend areas for further study on CECs in drinking water sources and treated drinking water.

Creates the Tranisiton Aged Youth Housing Program to create housing for youth under 26 who are experiencing homelessness.

Adds “political affiliation” as a protected class for housing and employment under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act.

Re-do of last year’s SB 1385. Makes a number of modifications to Density Bonus law, including adding one concession for student housing projects and allowing the use of the moderate-income density bonus in all for-sale developments rather than just in common-interest developments.

Establishes a state Office of Racial Equity, with duties to include establishing methodologies, a system of measurement, and data needs for assessing how state statutes, regulations, and practices contribute to, uphold, or exacerbate racial disparities; requires each state agency, including the Business, Consumer Affais, and Housing Agency, to adopt and implement a Racial Equity Framework and Racial Equity Action Plan.

Requires a cable franchise holder to meet specified milestones to deploy broadband service to rural, unserved, and underserved areas.